Don’t Call Me Common

Christians, would you please hear a shout from this simple country girl from South Carolina this morning? 


If you have been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, I’ve got news for you! 


You are more than a conqueror!!!  MORE!!  THAN A CONQUEROR!!

No more excuses like “I’m only human.”.  PHOOEY!!!!  And contrary to the Bible.

When you invite Jesus to be Lord, He takes up residence.  He moves in!  He makes Himself at home!!  JESUS!!  The One who heals the blind, the deaf, the lame.  The One who casts out demons!!!  The One who resisted the temptations of the devil while in the most vulnerable position to give in!  The One who raises the dead back to life (spiritually & physically)!  The One who endured unthinkable, unimaginable torture for your sake & mine, was brutally murdered for your sake & mine, then rose from the dead Himself for your sake & mine!  AND WE HAVE THE AUDACITY TO THINK & SAY THAT WE ARE COMMON???  Just human???? 

Shame on us.

Folks, we mock the cross of Christ & deny the power of the Holy Spirit when we sell ourselves short.

Now if you think you’re nothing without Him you’re right & if you think I’m worthless without Him you’re dead on, but here’s the thing – I’m NOT without Him & if you belong to Him YOU’RE NOT EITHER!!

The Holy Spirit of God Himself, the Creator of this vast, marvelous universe dwells within ME & YOU!!  OH HALLELUJAH!!  Whatever holds you back from walking in the power of the Spirit, throw it off!  Stop it!  Fear is not from God.  That’s not a redneck girl’s opinion.  That’s BIble. 

We can’t live in fear & sin & bondage & mediocrity & file it under “just human”.  Your “just human” filebox was trashed when you got “just Jesus”! 

Let’s talk about COMMON sense.  I am not open for the “Well, God gave us common sense” debate.  In my opinion, that’s just one more excuse.  One more way to rationalize our unChristlike behavior.  For the record, when I say unChristlike I’m not talking about the Baptist list of preferred sins – smoking, drinking, drugging, etc..  By unChristlike, I mean our PET sins.  You know the ones – WORRY & GOSSIP & COARSE JESTING & GREED & QUARRELING & COMPLAINING.  We are unChristlike when we use our COMMON sense to say that we’re going to be poor because of gas prices or healthcare or whoever sits in the White House.  Listen, my bank account may empty because of all those things & I may end up broke as a joke, but (thank you, Connie Post!) BECAUSE OF WHO SITS ON THE THRONE OF HEAVEN.  The earth is His footstool!  And guess what??  HE’S MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!  Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!  IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT??!!

Recently, someone very close to me argued this point with me about common sense, but I refuse to relent.  I am a SUPERnatural woman because I have the SUPERNATURAL God IN me & I am IN Him.  I do not see that Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Hosea, John the Baptist, Paul, or JESUS used common sense.  They were regular people, but they lived unCOMMON lives.  They were weird.  They were risky.  They were dangerous.  I would not dare call any of these giants of our Godly heritage COMMON.  So I dare not call you that & you better not call me that!

Whew. That one was itchin’ to get out!

Have a SUPERnatural day!!!!  JESUS IS LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Don’t Call Me Common

  1. Well said! Also loved the emphasis on “He is my Daddy” I can’t seem to get away from the wonder of a loving Father who cares more for me than I can even imagine and loves me even through the worst of my mistakes; sins.


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