The MINE Sign

Last spring/summer while using a Sunday School room in a local church I noticed a handwritten sign on the closet door that warned others from using the food & drinks stored there.  It was “theirs”.  My group used this classroom twice for an unsponsored Bible study.  The unashamedly signed note was not intended for us, but for the church’s youth group.  What a relief.  When I saw the sign I shook my head & laughed & audibly spoke to the lady (whom I had never met & who was not there with me while I was talking to her).  I said, “(Her name here), I know you.  You’ve been in every church I’ve ever attended.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been you.”

Anyone have a clue what I’m talking about?  WHO I’m talking about?

Yesterday I was blessed to meet up with her again.  Different lady.  Different church.  Same condition. It’s called the “Mine Sign” disease.  This is MINE.  I’ll make a sign.

As most of us head to a building this morning to gather with other believers, let’s be very careful to know that it is just that – a building.  With stuff.  Not OUR stuff.  Just stuff.  If it is our stuff, then it’s worthless.  Until we let HIM have all of our stuff it won’t be useful.  Until we let Him have us, we won’t be useful.

My daddy taught me that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

It’s the people inside those walls that matter to Christ.  Not your stash of Little Debbie cakes & fruit punch.  Not your dry-erase board.  Not your favorite pew or your classroom with a view.  Not the ornaments on your perfectly decorated Christmas tree.  Jesus gave His life for those people – those wildly precious children that touch the decorations & write on the chalkboards!  Jesus LOVES those little ones that drive you crazy.  You think you’re there to teach them, don’t you?  Actually, God put those babies there because you & I have so much to learn from them.

Let’s take down our signs & open our arms.  Your perfectly planned lessons & color-coded notes make zero difference if you’re not touching lives with the love of Jesus.  When my children fight over a toy or game we take it away based on the fact that when an object becomes more important to our children than their brother or sister it needs to be removed while they rethink what & who is important.  When we value our positions & our possessions more than we value people we need to take a break until our priorities are back in line with His.

God’s love is the cure for our condition.  Heal us today, Lord!